The Knuckles Is One of This Year's STL 77

The RFT honors the musical acts we love in St. Louis in 2017

The Knuckles Is One of This Year's STL 77
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This year ​the RFT recognizes ​St. Louis' ​stellar music scene by presenting the STL 77, ​our list of 77 acts who did big things in the last twelve months. From now through June 17, the date of our huge annual music festival ShowcaseSTL, we'll be announcing two ​honorees per weekday on our music blog. For more information on STL 77, as well as the complete lineup for ShowcaseSTL, go here.

The collaboration of Rockwell Knuckles and Aloha Misho was never a foregone conclusion; both artists have been on the grind for the better part of the last decade. Each made their individual marks on the scene — him with square-shouldered hip-hop, her with powerful, socially aware R&B. But as the Knuckles, they bring out new textures in each other’s style, creating a two-person supergroup in the process. On the pair’s first slew of releases, it’s a joy to hear the singers dip and dive around each other. On “So Much To Say,” Misho takes the lead on the piano-led intro while Knuckles punctuates her lines in his deep, studied baritone. And it’s his singing chops that shine on the clicky, pulsating “Ugly People,” allowing Misho to prop up his bars with smart harmonies. The result is a true synergy that elevates the individual artists while creating something bright, bold and necessary.

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