The Livery, Cherokee's Newest Bar, Plans Shows, Open Mics and Karaoke

Aug 6, 2012 at 12:11 pm

Cherokee Street's newest watering hole the Livery Company (3211 Cherokee St) plans to provide the neighborhood with another outlet for their live performance fix with regular concerts and other music-based fun.

The bar holds live shows on Fridays, although a complete schedule is still in the works (if musicians are interested in playing they can contact the Livery via Facebook).

Patrons need not worry that paying cover charge will disrupt their drink budget. The Livery has no intention of charging for any of their concerts.

"I hate it when bars charge covers. We want to be bar. We want you to come up have a beer or a cocktail and hang out here and listen to music," says owner Emily Ebeling, formerly of the hookah bar Petra on South Grand.

They will have anything from folk to high energy electronic music.

In addition to live shows, the Livery has tapped into the other bar-based musical options, open mic nights and karaoke. Open mic night will be every other Saturday, hosted by St. Louis folk singer Suzie Cue.

The karaoke scene is some what different than you'd expect, but definitely more fitting for the Cherokee crowd. Hosted by Niles Mattox, the song catalogue strays from the typical and includes indie and contemporary selections. Don't worry, there's no missed Barbra Streisand notes here.

Stay tuned for more from this up and coming hangout. Ebeling has plans to build a stage in the front of the venue.