The Misfits' 30th Anniversary Tour in St. Louis, December the Roberts Orpheum?

[Updates below!]

Upon perusing MySpace just a bit ago, I came upon a bulletin by hyperactive stoner-punks Holy Python, announcing the fact that they are opening for the Misfits in December. (Congrats!) A quick glance at its MySpace page notes that the gig also features MU330.

But the venue at which this show is allegedly being held made me do a double-take: The Roberts Orpheum.


A quick glance at the Misfits' homepage also lists the venue, although the Orpheum's homepage doesn't just yet, so consider it unconfirmed -- although intriguing.

Now, the Roberts Orpheum hasn't hosted any touring rock-centric shows since I've been in town, but I've heard scads and scads of stories about how great the venue was in its former incarnation, the American Theater.

Could this show (assuming this info is accurate) mark the re-emergence of the venue as a touring destination in town? I -- and many other people -- have always thought the refurbished theater was under-utilized in town. And lord knows St. Louis could use another theater-sized venue to compete with the Pageant and to be a draw for out-of-towners (so they don't, say, stop at the casino in Kansas City or skip the Lou altogether).

I'll try and get in touch with the venue tomorrow to confirm or deny. But cross your fingers.

[EDIT: Friday, 1:30 p.m. Just called and left a voicemail. Will see what I can find!]

[EDIT, Friday, 2:30 p.m. Just got word from the Roberts Orpheum that yes, this show is confirmed there on the date we said above. Tickets will go on sale next weekend. The promoter of the show is John Mancuso -- I'll know more about future stuff at the venue after I talk to him.]

-- Annie Zaleski

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