The Monads Do Europe: Tour Diary Entry, Number One

Mar 6, 2009 at 2:03 pm
(Last week, we told you that the Monads were going to be invading Europe. The band is going to be kind enough to send along some dispatches from the road. Here's the first installment!)

Hey all, it's your good friend Patthew writing you from far across the Atlantic Ocean in a country called Belgium.You can look it up on your map if you like.
The Monads Do Europe: Tour Diary Entry, Number One
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So let me give you a brief account of what's occurred so far. So we get to the airport Wednesday morning, all of our stuff in hand, having done a walkthrough and getting the okay on everything -- and they won't take the bass and the enormous case we had for it. So we had to leave ole blue back in the states.

Traveling a little lighter, we get to the gate only to find that our first flight, the connection in Newark, has been delayed an hour. Originally we thought we had an hour and a half window, suddenly we didn't. So after a cramped couple of hours to Newark, we make a frantic rush through the Newark airport to make the flight to Belgium. To get an image of what it may have looked like, watch the scene in Home Alone when the family is trying to make their plane, not realizing poor Kevin has been left at home...alone, much like the title of the movie.
After a long and dark trip to Brussels, we get on a train to meet our Surfing Airlines peeps, but our first train was also delayed, so after some serious loading of stuff on the train, we proceed to miss our next 2 connections, getting a little lost and carrying our crap load of luggage what seemed like all over Belgium, we get to our destination city, Herentals.

This is where all we needed to do what call the guy and he would come get us, but no. we couldn't figure out the phone, as the message telling us what we did wrong was in Dutch. So Jason and I went for a little walk around Herentals, trying to find some Internet to figure out if we had the wrong number. After a good 30 minutes of walking and having no success, we returned to the train station, only to be told that we needed to dial a simple 0 to get the call going. so after feeling a little dumb we dialed the 0 and called our dudes.

We got settled into our little house, which you may get to see some pics of soon, and a couple of hours later, headed off to Amsterdam for our first show, at Paradiso. We had our own green room! they gave us fruit and candy and soda, and they only drink Heineken. I already miss Stag and PBR. The show went well, some folks were dancing funny and buying stuff. We came back to the house and jason and I watched a show about making tanks. Awesome. By the time we crashed the night, we had all been up for almost 36 hours and were a little sleepy.

The Monads in St. Louis
The Monads in St. Louis

Come back tomorrow and get some more info on the trip, and maybe even a few pics/vids. we are still getting technologically settled in. So stay tuned to this Monad channel for all your Euro-venture tour 2009 updates.


P.S. i just yawned, did you?