The Official Word From King Khan & BBQ Show: Tour Not Canceled, But No Word on an STL Make-Up Date

We've been waiting since last Friday to hear King Khan & BBQ Show's version of what led to their arrest in Kentucky and subsequent missed shows.

Now the band has issued an official statement and, unfortunately, it doesn't shed much light on the incident.

Via an email from Trevor de Brauw, the band's Chicago-based publicist, received late Monday afternoon:
"On November 16, 2009 Kristin Klein entered a guilty plea to 2nd degree possession of a controlled substance in Christian County, Kentucky. Ms Klein was driving a rental vehicle that was randomly stopped at a safety checkpoint. Officers located a controlled substance in the cab of the vehicle. Ms Klein was unaware of the contraband and the validity of her license was indeterminable at time of arrest. Under KY law a driver of a vehicle is responsible for its contents. Therefore, Ms Klein entered a guilty plea and is scheduled to appear on April 2, 2010 to provide proof of her valid license.

King Khan & BBQ Show are driving through the night to make their Los Angeles show at Troubador tomorrow. Tonight's show in Phoenix is cancelled, but all further west coast dates and will to be honored. Kristin Klein is safe with the band and continuing her tenure as tour manager."
Asked whether Khan was also arrested for possession of magic mushrooms, as one report from a Kentucky newspaper indicated, de Brauw was cagey...

"I wasn't given any information regarding what the controlled substance was," he wrote. "Could have been prescription medication for all I know - I've heard that particular precinct are known for being total dicks to touring bands, so it could have been something totally harmless. I also don't know how many of them were arrested, but Kristin is definitely the only one who has been charged with anything."

The publicist also added that "nothing has been announced" about KK&BBQ making up the shows in Kansas, Denver, Phoenix, and St. Louis that were missed because of the incident.

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