The Pageant Embraces Green Movement, Installs Solar Panels on Roof

Mar 5, 2012 at 6:23 am
The Pageant's management recently installed 70 solar panels on the Delmar Boulevard venue's roof. - The Pageant's Tumblr Page
The Pageant's Tumblr Page
The Pageant's management recently installed 70 solar panels on the Delmar Boulevard venue's roof.

The management of the Pageant is embracing the "green" movement, most notably with the installation of solar panels on the music establishment's roof.

Patrick Hagin, the managing partner of the venue in the Loop, says he'd been considering putting in solar panels for a while, especially since a company called Microgrid Energy installed the devices on the nearby Moonrise Hotel. He says about 70 panels were installed on the Pageant's roof.

"We chew up a fair amount of power," Hagin says. "We're a big venue. We have a lot of lights, just regular-bound lighting for illumination purposes of the venue. But [we also] have the stage lights and motors for ice-making and that sort of thing. But the biggest single user of power, at least during the warmer weather, is the air conditioning units."

At the end of a year's time, Hagin says he hopes the solar panels will supply about seven to ten percent of the Pageant's power needs.

"The whole thing is tied back into the grid itself," Hagin says. "And what it will do is just reduce the amount of power that we're buying from Ameren for our electric needs."

The installation of the panels could save the Pageant some money: In the summer, Hagin says, the venue's power bill can run up to $8,000.

Additionally, the Pageant's management is in the process of installing LED lights within the venue. And the establishment's roof recently received a coat of white paint. All told, Hagin says he is banking on all of the changes making "more than a ten percent" difference.

And even though there's an upfront cost, Hagin says that the various steps amount to a long-term investment.

"You can't sit here and say 'I'm going to make this back in a year or so.' That's not going to happen," he says. "It's a multi-year project. That fits well with our philosophy here at the Pageant just about business. We look at this through long-term lenses. We want to be here in twenty years. And a lot of the stuff that we do is planned out to have a long-term effect."

Of course, Hagin says the changes are obviously environmentally friendly - which also fits with The Pageant's overall philosophical vibe.

"It's a win-win in that sense," Hagin says. "Hopefully we're saving money, and at the same time putting less of an impact on the environment than the use of coal power plants. [AmerenUE] has been good. They have a rebate system through this that we've upfront with us about -- very proactive. So, it's not a matter of bashing the utilities or anything like that. That's an easy way to look at this."

"From our standpoint, it's just trying to be as smart as we can about it," he adds.

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