The Queers Play Fubar Lounge; No Metalheads Beat Anyone Up

The Queers played a rambunctiously fun set at Fubar last night.
The Queers played a rambunctiously fun set at Fubar last night.

The Queers w/ The Manges, Bass Amp & Dan-O, and The Haddonfields Fubar (Lounge side) January 6, 2013

Pop-punk is not dead, and not just because of that stupid patch that Chad Gilbert from New Found Glory started showing off on tour last year - this show was a hell of a goofy fun time. Some of St. Louis' drunkest punks showed up to Fubar on a mission to pogo, stumble, and drink the place dry.

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Upon arriving at Fubar, I realized there was a metal fest going on on the other part of the venue. This totally separate event included a ton of bands: Fister, Bastard (the ex-members of Harkonin one, not the Japanese hardcore band), Lords of the Drunken Pirate Crew (who I only mention because they were all in full Jack Sparrow regalia...the whole night) and a bunch of others. I bring this up because of the tiny shred of bad blood that historically exists between punks and metalheads. As I sat around waiting for the Queers show to begin, I kept secretly hoping the long hairs would burst in at any second and beat down the green hairs, but I kind of like to watch the world burn.

As this somewhat-antiquated "that punk shit belongs on mars, man" sentiment echoed through my brain, I looked around and noticed how full the room had gotten before the first band played. This was a well-attended event by every comic book stereotype depiction of rock & roll subculture: Old leather jacket punks, scrawny young Tumblr kids and drunk punk lunatics were all well-represented. I looked at the line-up and thought "Cool, but not real diverse." It makes sense that all the colored-hair folks would show up when every band on the bill is pretty Ramones-derivative, but I suppose one could argue that every punk band is. The by-the-numbers line-up didn't take away from the show at all, but still a part of me kind of wished this show could have just been merged with the neighboring metal one just to let the bloodbath in my imagination actually ensue.

Flash to 8:15 (a punk show in St. Louis, starting on time? What is this sorcery?): I dodged arms and about-to-spill-over beer cups, making my way to the front of the lounge as the Haddonfields started the night off. The locals played a great, tight set of pop-punk that fit in perfectly at this show - it was almost as if the band members had kidnapped the usual crowd and drunk, chaotic atmosphere of a night at Lemmon's and turned it loose inside of Fubar. The Haddonfields' set was tight and concise and served well to set up the "Who gives a shit? Let's party!" mood that would permeate the rest the of the night.

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