The Silent Years / Troubadour Dali / Brandy Johnson

9 p.m. Tuesday, November 14. Cicero's (6691 Delmar Boulevard, University City).

The Silent Years / Troubadour Dali / Brandy Johnson

$5. 314-862-0009.

Rock icons never really die; they're just resurrected through the songs of their acolytes. Take Detroit's The Silent Years, a band that wears its love for dearly departed Jeff Buckley and Elliott Smith on its sleeves. Admittedly, the quintet's yearning, octave-jumping vocals, and gentle washes of guitar and ambient noise don't do much to distinguish it from scads of other polite indie-rock bands. The trump card is singer-songwriter Josh Epstein, whose sometimes-strong, sometimes-quavering delivery gives a tender dimension to his songs. Local psych-folk act Troubador Dali and the country-flecked Brandy Johnson open the show.
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