The Six Best Songs About Manifest Destiny For Thanksgiving

Let us reminisce about the first Thanksgiving, when the Native Americans said to the pilgrims, "In exchange for this bountiful feast, you have the rights to all the land and resources of this great country and permission to slaughter any indigenous people who dare stand in your way." That's how it went, right? Right? Here are the six best songs about manifest destiny. Let us know your favorite songs about white men unfairly killing Indians in the comments below, and remember the screams of the innocent when dousing your turkey with gravy this Thursday. Gobble gobble!

6. Neil Young - "Pocahontas" "Pocahontas" mentions brutal attacks on Native Americans, the massacre of buffalo, and the practice of trading objects for women. Given the subject matter, it is surprising that Neil Young isn't more pissed. He instead uses "Pocahontas" to reflect on the chain of events that made this country what it is today. He implies hypocrisy as he speaks of decorating his apartment with an Indian rug and smoking a peace pipe, watching the taxis drive on the land where Native people once lived. Young also name drops Marlon Brando, an avid activist for Native American rights during his lifetime. When he fantasizes about hanging out with Brando and Pocahontas, he doesn't seem to be particularly putting himself in league with them. Rather, he appears wistful about situations that, for reasons buried in our complicated past and out of his control, can never be.

5. Anthrax - "Indians" Metal bands love the story of early American settlers wiping out the Natives. There's violence, evil, and the ability to summon the anger of the victims. It's the same reason they love religion. Anthrax interpreted this wrath in the track "Indians," a song whose moral is essentially, "we're being dicks to these guys." The band gets points for introducing its mid-song breakdown by yelling "War dance!"

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