The Six Creepiest Children In Songs

Happy Halloween! Let's celebrate with a list of the six best cameos from creepy children in song.

6. Michael Jackson - "Little Susie" The inclusion of Michael Jackson on this list has nothing to do with any accusations of inappropriate behavior with children, of which I will always give the man the benefit of the doubt. If that were the case, "Heal The World" would be adequately creepy. But his super-dramatic track "Little Susie", from his last release with a shred of sanity HIStory, follows two minutes of orchestral moods with a less-than-subtle intro of a young girl singing a chorus of "La" alongside a lone music box. It's meant to pull the heartstrings for a song about a murdered child, but my god, it is frightening. You can almost see the knife wielding clown in the distance. Poor Susie.

5. Red Hot Chili Peppers - "Aeroplane" As a song, "Aeroplane" ranks low on the creepometer. Yeah, the kids singing "It's my aeroplane" at the end are likely oblivious to the track's usage of "motherfucker" and its references to S&M or Mazzy Star. The video is the most disturbing violation. The four shirtless members of RHCP look like the holding cell after an episode of To Catch A Predator - especially since this is the brief phase of the band featuring Dave Navarro's pierced nipples.

4. Aphex Twin - "Children Talking" If you ever have a slow motion nightmare about mashed potatoes, you can thank Aphex Twin.

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