The Six Most Unstoppable Collaborations in Music

Aug 27, 2013 at 7:01 am

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4. Carlos Santana & Steven Tyler (Aerosmith)

It's the monster mash all over again when the two most respected mummies in rock serenade you with this emotional tour-de-force. Try not to get too jealous when megahottie Steven does that "let me show you how to play pool by rubbing my body against yours" thing at the 2:06 mark. And don't miss the 2:02 mark where Santana looks like he's having an orgasm while being abducted by aliens. Rock on, brother!

3. Carlos Santana & Gavin Rossdale

If only Marc Bolan was alive to see such a stellar performance! Rossdale's flimsy and wispy voice fits perfectly over Santana's smooth, sexy, and constant guitar shredding. Between the Bush frontman's energetic shuffling and the confident walking back and forth of our Latin hero, it's nearly impossible to tell who the winning performer is in this display of pure, raw, sexual energy. Fast forward to the three minute mark to witness some of the most stunning chemistry ever shared between two rock & roll legends!