The Super Fun Happy Hour Has Last KDHX Show Tonight

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At 11 p.m. tonight, Monday, February 28, the Super Fun Happy Hour will be airing its last edition on KDHX. Described by Roy Kasten on the KDHX blog as "a blend of pure punk rock and innovative comic montages, mixed by friendly, knowledgeable and enthusiastic hosts," the show has been on the air since 1996. Kasten conducted an interview with co-hosts Tim Mize and Matt Meyers about the show's history, their favorite music and inspirations. It's a good read; check it out right here and some excerpts below.

Roy Kasten: On the show, you can tell the artists that you're passionate about and that you play on a regular basis, but it's a pretty wide range of music and bands within the punk style. Can you talk about how your own tastes have evolved based on being on the radio? For me, it's hard to put on a record and not think: Will this sound good on the radio?

Matt: For me, you get something, and it's like, sweet that can go on the radio! It's not 30 seconds long and it's not a bunch of F bombs! Of course when the Internet came along, that made it easier to find stuff. You still have to find the site, and you can get recommendations that way. But listening to the radio, with most major stations, that's tough to do. Of the 5 selections on my radio they're all KDHX.

Tim: One thing I would like to mention is that, when I came here to be involved in radio, KDHX turned me on to so much more than just what I listened to at that time. I remember before I came down to volunteer, I would listen to KWUR. It was such a long time ago, but they had a radio show, "Beat Down Babylon," that opened me up to reggae music. Then I got turned on to KDHX. I started listening to blues and all kinds of different things. I realized KDHX was in my neighborhood and I needed to get involved. And that opened me up to other things. I like playing punk rock on the radio, but at the same time there are so many other things out there. At one point, I would say, "I'm kind of jaded." I can go through a stack of records and nothing interests me. And then, hey, that interests me! I don't know how well I answered your question.

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