The Ten Best St. Louis Punk Bands

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The Ten Best St. Louis Punk Bands
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This year's Best of St. Louis issue has hit the streets and this year like previous years (last year, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, etc.), we chose a winner for best punk band of 2013. But there's more than just one punk band worth your time, and many of these bands were winners in previous years. So here's our top ten list of best St. Louis punk bands. (This list is random order with the exception of the top spot.)

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The Ten Best St. Louis Punk Bands
Casey Chalmers

Shaved Women Shaved Women is one of the city's best hardcore punk bands. The most apt description of the band's sound would if you gave an earthquake a bunch of drugs and turned it loose in a battle against a hurricane. Each song on Shaved Women's various pieces of vinyl released over the past three years makes psychosis sound pissed and catchy, and their shows are a great place to be if you've ever wondered what it would sound like in a basement/fallout shelter after the building collapsed on top of you.

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Bassamp & Dan-O If Lookout Records and Lynyrd Skynyrd had a kid, it'd be Bassamp & Dan-O. Probably the most (if not only) patriotic punk rock band in town, these bald eagles personified have gone from catchy, funny local band to our city's answer to Tenacious D: It's bacon-wrapped freedom encased inside the cheese-stuffed crust of justice. For further proof, see the recently released music video for "That's American", filmed at Lemmon's a few months ago:

The Ten Best St. Louis Punk Bands
Mateus Mondini

Doom Town The reigning kings and queen of Euro-sounding gloom punk have an unstoppable work ethic. With one record and tours of both America and Europe under its belt, two more records on the way and plenty more touring ahead, Doom Town proves that depression and spite plus motivation can result in some excellent music. Not just one of the best punk bands, Doom Town is one of St. Louis' best bands.

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