The Top Five Notes on My Bass Guitar

Dec 5, 2012 at 10:07 am
The Top Five Notes on My Bass Guitar
Photo by Todd Owyoung. Full Slideshow: Rush

Editor: Mr. Sawyer-Dickhoff has been playing bass guitar for a little over a year, ever since he visited the Experience Music Project and did that hands-on exhibit where you learn how to play some two-note Beatles bass line. He bought himself Yamaha and a little amp, and quickly discovered that the bottom third of the notes caused highly satisfying vibrations. Ahem. Two weeks later he was an expert.

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The Top Five Notes on My Bass Guitar
Photo by Jon Gitchoff. Full Slideshow: Phish

5) G. This is played by striking the smallest open string, the one farthest away from you. You bang on this a lot if your song is in D. It's pretty high and squirrely for a bass note, so it won't make your pants leg flap as much. Hence the low ranking.

4) B. If you're gonna play something in the key of E, you're gonna have to eventually play that B note. This requires "fretting" this note. Pain in the ass, we know, but this music shit involves sacrifices. We have also heard tales of open B strings on 5 string basses. But those instruments have gotta be either for prog rock or jazz fusion. So Fuck. That. Shit.