The Treeweasels/Half Knots

9 p.m. Saturday, July 19. Off Broadway, 3509 Lemp Avenue

The Treeweasels/Half Knots

$10. 314-773-3363

Of all the long-lost St. Louis rock bands of the '90s, the Treeweasels are as ripe for a reunion as any. Formed in 1989 and essentially dissolved a year later, the band — as heard on the Head Cheese and Blood Sausage cassette — sounded like a punky, countrified R.E.M. with some Pere Ubu singles melted over their four-track, though they couldn't really be bothered to be oblique. Singer E.J. Fitch never met an ironic sneer he couldn't twist into a good-natured hook, guitarist Scott Roever burned every cease-and-desist order from Roger McGuinn and Mick Ronson, and drummer Danny Kathriner (currently leading the Half Knots) gave the goofy post-punk amateurism steady country-rock grooves. The Treeweasels haven't done a show together since 1996, but they're back — if only for a night.

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