Today and Tonight! Los Campesinos! at Vintage Vinyl and the Gargoyle

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In this week's paper, Mike Appelstein interviewed Tom of the Welsh septet Los Campesinos! This was my favorite bit:

Who's "the other Kurt"?

Tom: That's a really good story actually. While we were recording that song with John Goodmanson, we were talking with him. I think he was the first person to record Nirvana live on the radio before they got big. It basically revolved around a friend of his called Kurt who was going out with a girl. He was at a party, went upstairs and found his girlfriend kissing Kurt Cobain. It was a bit before Nirvana got huge. This song was then dedicated to that particular Kurt who'd come across his girlfriend with Kurt Cobain. It's almost cool that your girlfriend is cheating on you with Kurt Cobain, but at the same time, maybe it kind of sucks.

The band will be performing at Vintage Vinyl at 2 p.m., and at the Gargoyle later that night. We'll have a review tomorrow. Below, here's a free MP3.

MP3: Los Campesinos!, "Miserabilia"

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