Tonight: Mondo Drag, Polysics

Feb 9, 2010 at 12:05 pm
click to enlarge Polysics are not robots.
Polysics are not robots.

So, the Snowtorious B.I.G. they were calling for has already seemed to clear up out there. (All hail the D.C. NBC affiliate for coining that term for a blizzard.) And so you have no excuse to avoid hitting Off Broadway for Iowa psych-rockers Mondo Drag (playing with local garage rockers the Nevermores) or the Firebird for Japanese Devo acolytes Polysics. (Glass Teeth and Spelling Bee are opening that show.) Ryan Wasoba chatted with Polysics vocalist/guitarist Hiroyuki Hayashi in this week's paper. Hayashi is adorable. An excerpt:

What artist would Polysics most like to collaborate with? Devo! They gave birth to Polysics. They are like a father of Polysics. We learned from them what "rock" is. Our dream is to tour the U.S. with Devo.

Absolute Polysics relies more heavily on vocoder than Polysics or Die!!!! or We Ate the Machine. Is this a subliminal message? Tell me the truth: Are you robots? We are not robots. We are Polysics!