Tonight! Wax Fang, Colourmusic and Gentleman Auction House at the Bluebird! MP3 Bonuses!

Oct 29, 2008 at 11:45 am

Good triple bill at the Bluebird tonight: Colourmusic, Gentleman Auction House and Wax Fang.

We've written about Oklahoma pop kids Colourmusic a lot before, but as a refresher here's an MP3.

MP3: Colourmusic, "Put In a Little Gas"

Gentleman Auction House's recent radio show live session is now up for download at the WOXY Futurist blog. I recommend looking at the goofy band pictures.

And last but not least is Wax Fang, which Roy Kasten described thusly:

Louisville, Kentucky’s Wax Fang takes an alchemical approach to indie shout rock, melting extended mathy guitar riffage into strangely catchy psychedelic mini-symphonies that sometimes suggest the Flaming Lips on a sub-prime crisis budget or a more alert and tense My Morning Jacket. (That band’s frontman, Jim James, counts himself a fan and recently took the band on tour.)

MP3: Wax Fang, "World War II"

-- Annie Zaleski