Top Ten Lil Wayne Interview Quotes

A quick Google search for "Lil' Wayne Interview" yields a variety of interviews, from awkward late '90s exchanges done by amateur journalists to profile pieces in Newsweek.

After watching and reading dozens of these interviews, a few patterns about the world's biggest rapper arise. For one, Lil Wayne will tell you what he isn't -- and then tell you what he is. An interviewer will say he's a hot rapper. Wayne will cut them off and say he's a great rapper. He oozes confidence and never appears to anxious to get that face time with the camera.

Culled from the myriad of interviews online, here are some memorable quotes from Lil Wayne, who is performing on Saturday at the Chaifetz Arena.

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"I love a nigga who do what the fuck he want, just like I told you, Martin Luther King said we can do what the fuck we want, he do what the fuck he want, him and Bam Margera. What will Bam do next? Whatever the fuck they want...that's one of my favorite shows." -- from an interview in Complex

"Threw the pencil and leak the sheet of the tablet in my mind, 'cause I don't write shit 'cause I aint got time." -- from "Milli," the third track on Tha Carter III

"You could lose the fight, but if you smack that nigga first that's all the nigga going to remember...They could body slam you and all kinds of shit after the fight and all they ain't going to remember nothing. Wheezy walked up to that nigga and smacked that nigga. Just don't get smacked." -- from Smack DVD 13 via YouTube

"Bootlegged or not, what you just heard, or what you will hear, is great. And that's the point I'm trying to get across at the end of the day and the beginning of the morning: that I'm great. Things I say have value and I would love for you to value them, however you get it. I don't really care about the leak or the DJs that's leaking it. I'm glad that people even care enough about it to make this situation a topic." -- from "Q&A with Lil Wayne on His New Album, Drugs and Leaks."


"When I looked in the mirror and saw that it wasn't, that's when I realized it was supposed to be me." -- from "Video - Lil Wayne Interview On 106 & Park! (Crowd Goes Wild)" (The audience is insane on this clip; like, jumping up and down. Worth the view for that alone. These are among the most vanilla Lil Wayne quotes around, but the crowd squeals like he's a Beatle.)

"It might be hard to outdo myself, but it ain't hard to just do myself, so that's what I do." -- from You Tube. The interviewer doesn't know anything about the young rapper he's interviewing and mixes up him and another person. Then the interviewer shows Wayne his tattoo of a Transformer, on camera.

"Oh yeah - tell (Juvenile) to come say that in my face next time he sees me and then your gonna see me with another tattoo tear - boy! Tell him that straight up, don't even put that in my article, just call him or his manager, or whoever you had to call to get that interview poppin' off. Call him back and let him know, "I told Wayne what you said and he said, when you see him, tell him that and you are gonna be the next tear drop on his face." -- from an interview with

"This rap thing is who I am. Lil Wayne is who I am. I tell everybody that I'm not Dwayne first and I figured out how to be Lil Wayne, No, I'm Lil' Wayne I figured out how to be average. Not average as in I'm better than nobody, but sane. What you guys call normal." -- from an interview with Tim Westwood.

"A lotta people have better situations than I, and they know that. People look at me like, “I can do that.” Work that hard. Work like Wayne. I’m changing it. It used to be, “Work like Jamaicans.” Work like Wayne." -- from an interview in XXL.

"Well first off I don’t party hard because if I did, then I wouldn’t be able to produce the great music that I do. Second of all, I don’t party hard because if I did I wouldn’t be able to produce the amount of music that I do. Third of all, I don’t party hard because if I did my music wouldn’t be of quality. Fourth, sizzurp is a downer. It’s codeine that makes you tired. So you don’t want to party, you want sizzurp.-- from an interview with DJ Semtex

-- Compiled by Nick Lucchesi

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