Tour Diary: The Pragmatic in Portugal, Day 3 and 4

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(Local synthrockers the Pragmatic are currently in Portugal playing the Optimus Alive 09 fest, which is one of the country's biggest events. The band is keeping a diary for us about its travels. Here's the second installment! The first one can be found here, while part two is here.)

Our new friend Silas (Seelosh) picked us up from the train station in Lisbon yesterday, I like to call him "the face of Portugal." This guy uses the force on everybody. There wasn't a place we went that he wasn't getting the hook up. So first he took us out for snails. He told us snails are what they eat here in the southern part of Portugal. They are cleaned and then made completely unhealthy by cooking them in a Papa John's-like garlic butter sauce. I must say that if you can get past the little antennas sticking out of their cute little heads they are quite tasty. So we had small snails and then they brought out bigger snails, which tasted more along the lines of salty rubber, but probably helped a bit in soaking up all the grease from the smaller ones.

click to enlarge Tour Diary: The Pragmatic in Portugal, Day 3 and 4
Courtesy of the Pragmatic

We all feared for our lives as Silas drove his Fiat 500 all over the road. It's like watching someone swerve in and out of cars in a James Bond film, except without actually needing to get away from anything. Portugal has an insane amount of deaths from vehicles hitting people. We drove by an accident where two people had been hit by a train... not something to laugh at but I'm glad I was always told to look before crossing the street...

Back at Silas's apartment we hung out and had a variety of beverages before heading to the MTV party. It wasn't the most exciting thing I've ever done, but we had a good time and the music was good. Silas found himself a group of 7 girls that he hasn't stopped talking about since. We met a band that is big here in Portugal called "Lullabye." Nice guys! We didn't get home until 5 AM or so and I have sure been feeling it today. There is tons more to say but maybe someone else can fill you in on those things. I'm sure Andre and Liz's twitter pages would be a place to look....

Tour Diary: The Pragmatic in Portugal, Day 3 and 4
Courtesy of the Pragmatic

They have boxed milk here, but it has like a year long shelf life... I don't get it. We visited a mall today and saw our discs for sale! It felt good to see something I was a part of available for purchasing. It's the physical release that came out on Optimus Records here in Portugal, but you can get it for free on their website

Tonight was more chill, we just hung out at this restaurant and had great pizzas and pastas and sangria. Tomorrow though, we play at Optimus Alive! I can't wait. We read they are expecting 60,000+ people in attendance. I hope we don't suck!


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