Trent Reznor's Cleveland Peers and Influences: Lucky Pierre, Prick, Hot Tin Roof

Aug 20, 2008 at 1:22 pm

Judging from other posts this week, Trent Reznor was a busy man in the 1980s before forming Nine Inch Nails, whose show is tonight at the Scottrade Center. (This article is a pretty thorough timeline of the bands I didn't mention, btw.)

One other seminal band Reznor was in briefly is Lucky Pierre. The group -- whose MySpace profile features St. Louis' own Femme Fatality in its top friends, and the profile features a great song called "Clouds" -- is the brainchild of Kevin McMahon, who started recording demos as far back as 1974. Tapes and vinyl surfaced through 1984, and then the band was dormant until around 1988. Reznor was in the lineup of Lucky Pierre then, which released the seminal song "Communique." I hereby bow to the comprehensive, amazing site for all information and chronology about McMahon and his various projects.

MTV's Kennedy interviewing Kevin McMahon and Reznor:

That video right there is of McMahon and Reznor being interviewed around the time McMahon formed the better-known Prick.

Prick was known most for the song "Animal," which was a modern-rock staple in 1995, and for its opening slot on that year's David Bowie/Nine Inch Nails "Outside" tour. (Fun fact: The STL show is one of the more common boots from that tour.)


live footage from the "Outside" tour:

Save for a couple of MP3s posted online, Prick was mostly quiet until 2002, when an album called The Wreckard appeared. McMahon also briefly toured under the moniker Prick. (I saw two shows.) Here are a streams of a couple of songs from that CD:

MP3: Prick, "Wet Cat"

MP3: Prick, "Without It"

The notoriously secretive McMahon has been working on new music, however. That's according to Tom Lash, a long-time collaborator of his -- first in Lucky Pierre and later as the bassist on the last Prick tour dates. Lash is also known in Cleveland for his awesome 1990s band Hot Tin Roof. This group was a favorite of mine growing up; as a kid, I didn't have the critical faculties to really dissect why I liked the project, but looking back, Hot Tin Roof incorporated all of my favorite things: jangle-pop, Brit gloom, glam riffs, sizzling electronica and gothy moods.

Here's a video called "It's Everything About You," and below that three MP3s from the band, courtesy of Lash.

MP3: Hot Tin Roof, "Fixation"

MP3: Hot Tin Roof, "Strip"

MP3: Hot Tin Roof, "Black Christmas"

-- Annie Zaleski