Tsunami Bomb

Friday, July 30; Creepy Crawl

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Tsunami Bomb's singer is a chick. So what? Gender doesn't dictate sound. Singer Agent M's vocals are not Courtney Love's raspy angst or Gwen Stefani's pop-ish cries. Instead she sounds more like a radio-friendly Riot Grrl, allowing quivers and trembles to break up her forceful yells.

The band doesn't sell itself through girl-power appeal or through the heightened sexual tension that comes when a pretty girl is on a stage in front of dozens of pubescent boys. Rather, Tsunami Bomb sells its upbeat brand of punk with an onslaught of guitars and catchy riffs, Agent M's voice soaring above it all.

The northern California-based band thrives on touring. United Kingdom? Check. Japan? Check. Warped Tour? Check, and check again. After the release of its last album, The Ultimate Escape, in 2002, Tsunami Bomb has barely come up for air in between shows, so rest assured the band will be more than warmed up when it hits the Midwest. The material for the Bomb's next album is finished, though a recording date has yet to be slotted. But expect the band to give a sneak peek of the album by dropping a couple new songs throughout their set.

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