Two Music Fans Attend Creed Concert (Sober) to Raise Money For MS

It seemed like a good idea at the time. A couple months ago, close friends and former SLUH grads Tony Cerame and John Simon noticed that the gut-rocking, god-loving, glory-touring guys in Creed are coming to The Pageant this Saturday. At this point, they'd like to clarify one item: "We cannot, in any way be confused with Creed fans," insists Simon, though he admits he occasionally catches himself singing "Higher" in the shower. "Their songs are just so bombastic and Jesus-y that I can't help myself." Instead, the guys have become surprise (and sarcastic) philanthropists.

When Cerame's reaction to the tour announcement was, "You couldn't pay me enough to go to that," he second-guessed himself, brought in Simon and hatched a plan for charity. To raise money for the Gateway Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, the two music fans will attend Creed in concert -- completely sober.

They will even buy a T-shirt. When Cerame and Simon launched their plans on a crowdrise profile last Monday, response boomed. Within 24 hours, they surpassed their initial goal of $1,000 in donations, and with four days left until the concert, the metal and indie-rock fans are now hovering around $2,100. Different stages of pledges come with various requirements from the duo, meaning by now they not only have to attend the concert but must also buy a T-shirt and wear it the entire time. They will also tape themselves performing a Creed song -- and they're accepting ideas for the $3,000 mark. (RFT Music suggested pre-ordering Scott Stapp's autobiography, Sinner's Creed.)

At first, the donations came from friends, but supporters with graphic design and video skills have pushed their project as far as Australia through social media. Even Neko Case has Retweeted their call to action from her official account, though, "She probably had no idea what she was Retweeting," Simon jokes.

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