Various Artists

Beatwave Presents Argentina (Sonic360)

Dec 29, 2004 at 4:00 am
This ten-song compilation from Latino-loving producer Chris Allison's Sonic360 label offers a full-body rubdown of slick Argentine electronica. Allison is responsible for bringing edgy Mexican outfits like Kinky and the Nortec Collective north, and though most tracks here fit neatly into the standard funky house niche (not necessarily a bad thing), several stand out for their playful refusal to be pigeonholed.

Without settling on a consistent tempo, Argentina stays unpredictable, bound loosely by a love of sensual '80s synth pop and come-hither house. Index slinks in with "Bando-lero," an electro-tango that dances across a deep acoustic bassline and accordion sample, while the dance-floor mope of "Manzana de Metal" by Altocamet is the comp's most vivid throwback. Its sultriest spin is Burnin' Vibra's "Abusada," a noir-pop revision of an Astor Piazzola tango that shows just how hot the new Argentinian underground can be. This collection is currently available only on the Sonic360 Web site (, though it'll soon be downloadable from the iTunes and Napster online stores.