Vicky Pollard to Play Schlafly's Cod and Cask Festival

Jan 6, 2009 at 9:42 am
One of the coolest, quirkiest festivals in St. Louis is Schlafly's annual Cod and Cask Festival, which always features a random Icelandic act performing at the Tap Room. Last year's entertainment was Petur Ben; this year's honorary guest is a quintet called Vicky Pollard. (No, not the character on the U.K. sketch comedy show Little Britain -- although this is a moot point, because the band appears now to be called just Vicky.)

Judging from YouTube clips, this is an act likely to be found skulking around CBGBs or playing a college venue like the Billiken Club: Strident, yowling female vocals and exploding-glass guitars unfurl in a cloudburst of distortion and fuzz. Think a feral Yeah Yeah Yeahs raised in the wild, or early Smashing Pumpkins fronted by a riot grrl. That's My Daughter, the 75s and Bunnygrunt should be clamoring to open for the group.

The Cod and Cask Festival takes place Friday, February 6, and Saturday, February 7 at the Tap Room.

"My Black Lesbian Lover"
"Lazerbeam" (live)