Video: Deer Tick Pays Tribute to Dave Hagerty, Covers Hanson at Off Broadway, Thursday, August 5

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By all accounts, emotion ran high at Off Broadway last night during Deer Tick and Dead Confederate's sold out show. Travis from 5 Score Pachyderm passed along video he took of Deer Tick front man John McCauley opening the show with a solo version of "Sleep Walk," dedicated to Dave Hagerty:

Roy Kasten described the song like this in his review for KDHX's blog:

Deer Tick, led by John Joseph McCauley III, opened by dedicating the evening to a great local music scene, wishing Fattback was playing, and picking out "Sleep Walk," the classic country instrumental, which McCauley said was the most beautiful song he knew, and to which he was married and to which he would "be lowered into the grave" as well. He just about nailed it on the guitar, all cable shortings-out aside.

Kasten further described the scene like this:

And then into a guitar-free opening vocal work out and then the band's current single, "20 Miles." The mix was just right, the band covered a bit of Hanson, the sold-out crowd responded -- and circulated in and out, to escape the heat, present company included -- and everyone exchanged perspiration and toasts.

Video of the Hanson cover? Right here!

Christian Schaeffer was also at the show and reported the following tidbits:

*McCauley looks like a young Donald Sutherland
*They played [The Replacements'] "Waitress in the Sky" b/w "Can't Hardly Wait" and ZZ Top's "Cheap Sunglasses"
*The night ended with a pretty awesome/cathartic feedback dirge on a guitar that had dried blood on its pickups
*McCauley ended the night by saying that he didn't know Dave Hagerty personally but thought he would approve of the shower of foamy Stag that he sprayed on the first few rows.

Head to Wood's YouTube channel for more videos.

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