Viral Video: "Boombox" by Ely Kim

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Thanks to Twitter friend Shiv for posting this link to a guy named Ely Kim, who constructed a video with 100 snippets of songs and an accompanying unique dance, filmed in 100 different locations, once a day for (yup) 100 days. What I love is Kim's unselfconscious way of moving. We all dance like this in our apartments, or in front of the bathroom mirror or in our cars -- right? Right? (Hello? Echo?) Okay, whatever, *I* sure do move around to tunes like a big ol' dork, but I'm generally too shy to do so in public. But Kim has no qualms about breaking loose and busting a move -- reactions to him be damned. The positive response on Vimeo comments seems to reveal that most are with Kim in his dorkitude. Behold.

BOOMBOX from Ely Kim on Vimeo.

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