Vitamen A, Bockman's Euphio, E.M. Grueve and Caravan

Monday, Dec. 31; Cicero's

Dec 26, 2001 at 4:00 am
Local jam-rockers Vitamen A ring in the new year with a show at Cicero's -- a fitting state of affairs, because the group's latest CD, History of Heroes, neatly wraps past, present and future in one musical package.

"Vitamen A has a long history," muses keyboardist Mike Clement. "This upcoming year is going to be all about getting the word out. I think what we're doing is very different than what's being played on the radio. I've always said that we are the next step in psychedelics, and that still holds true, but with the sad state of rock music these days, maybe we're the next step in rock music as well."

A bold statement, but History of Heroes may justify Clement's arrogance. Not only does the CD capture the vibrance of Vitamen A's high-energy live show, it showcases the group's wide-ranging sound. "It's very hard to classify the CD," Clement notes. "We'll do some rock music and jam, we'll do some stuff with a Latin feel or some funk, and all those things come out on the CD."

Old-school Vitafans gave up on labeling the band long ago; they've learned to expect the unexpected, particularly onstage and particularly on New Year's Eve. Says Clement: "We usually like to give something back other than just playing a set or two. I'm not at liberty to divulge exactly what our plans are for New Year's Eve, but that's always been one of our bigger nights, a nonstop party, and I anticipate this year will be no exception!"