Fun at the Way Out Club

Last week's Rooster Lollipop showcase at the Way Out Club, as mentioned in these pages a couple of weeks back, highlighted the music of eight bands associated with the music collective. The show was a resounding success, apparently: They made their goal; Freddie Friction got enough tongue and neck- and butt-squeezin' (he was in the kissing booth) to make most of us a bit green; and, most impressive, the music, for the most part, was wonderful. The highlights were three bands in particular: the remarkable Phonocaptors, whose three-piece garage rock transcended the somewhat tired genre, reaching the heights of pure rock bliss; the Highway Matrons, who, as always, illustrated why they are perhaps the best rock band in St. Louis; and the Tics, who, despite the fact that their drummer was a no-show (Matrons bassist Hunter Brumfield, like a trouper, filled in) and every song seemed on the verge of collapse (and vocalist Marcia Pandolfi on the verge of laughter the entire time), somehow succeeded, especially "Olive Pit" and "I Like You a Little Bit."

A few nights later, the Way Out hosted a brilliant set by Puerto Muerto, a husband-and-wife duo that was also highlighted in these pages, three weeks back (you may remember the reference to "Pirate Songs"). Don't want to beat a dead horse, but the next time they're listed, cancel all plans and see them instead. In addition to blissful originals, they did a great version of the Kinks' "Alcohol," earning them a number of bonus points. The show also included a couple of belly dancers moving to the sounds of the Stooges' "Real Cool Time."

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