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Belle & Sebastian are Critical Darlin's™

Belle & Sebastian


If you drink a cup of tea and make your bed tonight, the Critical Darlin's™ will come alive beneath the moon so bright! Come see them laugh and dance and play!

Your T-shirts are ironic and too small. It takes more than three words for you to order coffee. And you love Belle & Sebastian. You think they make the prettiest, poppiest music you've ever heard. They're cute and fashionable and smart -- just like you! You've dreamed of how wonderful it would be to have a hot cup of chamomile tea with the whole band.

Well, you don't have to dream anymore! Because Belle & Sebastian are the Critical Darlin's™, the newest toys for the precious hipster! Just clip them out, and you can have a jam session with horn-tootin' Mick! Share your troubles with bespectacled Chris! Discuss Verlaine with serious Richard. Or maybe give a flower to sweet L'il Stuart. Your favorite bandmates just became your best friends!

The world first noticed Belle & Sebastian with their second record, If You're Feeling Sinister, a stunning album of perfect Caledonian pop that sent critics scurrying to their thesauri to find synonyms for "twee" and gave music fans spasms of stately swooning. Sinister (and its predecessor, Tigermilk) featured horns, glossy guitars and the witty wordplay of singer Stuart Murdoch. It was a potent mixture, and indie rockers were beside themselves. Some of them actually made dance-like motions.

Now, seven years later, fans write fiction "set in the world of Belle & Sebastian's songs" and name their kids "Belle" and "Sebastian." It's like Jonestown in tweed! But some fans need more. And that's what the Critical Darlin's™ give you! Spend a rainy day with your new best pals, eating petit fours and playing a mournful cello. Take them antique shopping for a dear little lamp. Paste them to your headboard for Darlin'™ dreams! There's no limit to the adventures you and your chums can have together. Just look out for Mean Mister Backlash™ (coming soon!), who wants to eat the whole gang up!

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