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Radar Station learns what happens when you mess with Axl

Jul 21, 2004 at 4:00 am
Radar Station is going to be a little stubby this week, thanks to the massive Van Halen debate taking place in these pages. Speaking of folks who used to sport big-ass hair, I had a little tongue-in-cheek fun with Axl Rose a few weeks ago, as we discussed the infamous Guns N' Roses riot in St. Louis.

Within 24 hours of publication, my inbox was filled with angry missives from all across this great land. It was by far the most response I've ever gotten to a column. In memorializing the riot's thirteen-year anniversary, I raised the rhetorical question: Have we healed yet? The answer, as you'll see from the raw and unedited letters below, is a resounding "no."

you seriously are one fucked up moron. Axl was not at fault for the riot in st. louis, the moronic people there and the security was what caused that riot. Axl never told you guys to do it. get over yourself. When Axl comes back i hope he kicks your fuckin ass, you dumb fuck. go get help and maybe read a little about what really happened on that night in st. louis.


Couldn't you find something better to write about with it coming up on the fourth of July? Such as the troops of ours who are in Iraq and Afghanistan or all of those who were lost fighting for the freedom of current and future Americans?

That was a REALLY pointless article!!! Wasn't there something else more important or halfway relevant you could've written about? How bout the child killer who did 15 years and was set free in NYC yesterday? Sorry, I just don't see the point in digging up old garbage and bashing people over it.

And make no mistake when you see the trail of dust that thousands of people will leave behind them on their way to the record stores when Chinese Democracy comes out. In your post you make it sound like Axl is living in the past and no one cares anymore but the records speak for themselves.

haha, funny little man. how do you [like] the felling [sic] of knowing you pissed off the whole gnr community? i hope when Axl comes back there is a song like get in the ring made about you!

Editor's note: Thanks for reading! I look forward to hearing from you again on the fourteenth anniversary of the GNR riot.