What Brings Rappers, Punks, Funk Bands and Lewd Folkies Together? Pit Bulls: Man's Most Misunderstood Best Friend

Jul 12, 2012 at 11:52 am
Ruka Puff at the Ambassador. - Jon Gitchoff
Jon Gitchoff
Ruka Puff at the Ambassador.

This weekend, a strange crew of local talent will assemble in support of man's most misunderstood best friend: the pit bull. Ruka Puff, Breakmouth Annie, Hazard To Ya Booty, Bad Mother Healers, Rev. Whiskey Richard and the Buster Hymen Band and Everything Went Black with their Californian friends, Stress Relief will play the benefit, scheduled for this Sunday at Lemmon's. Rumor has it that South City mainstay and Trx Tattoo extraordinaire Randy Murray will perform a special song on behalf of all of those lonesome pups out there.

The incredibly diverse lineup of local musicians coming together in support of Even Chance, local dog lover Racheal S. Kitchen has organized the event to benefit the organizations' continual efforts for pit bull advocacy, resources and rescue. Based in both San Diego and St. Louis, Even Chance works toward finding loving homes for sound dogs while providing foster care for dogs rescued from area shelters and fighting rings. Sponsored by the St. Louis Sinner, PBR, and Throwing Things Records, the benefit will offer shot specials and raffles from Trx Tattoos, The Pageant, PBR, Lemmons, Guitar Center, Bully Boy's BBQ, The Silver Ballroom, Vintage Vinyl, Blueberry Hill, Beauty Bar Hair Salon, and many more. Additionally, the upstairs of Lemmon's will be converted into a temporary meet and greet with adoptable pit bulls.

With a varied line-up comprising hip-hop, gritty blues, drunken Americana, punk and funky soul, one may question how this group came together. "[They're] mostly friends. I wanted a really diverse line-up." says Kitchen, "I know a lot of them are dog lovers."

Diverse is an understatement when thinking about the rabid lyrical force of Ruka Puff followed by the beer-swigging twang of Rev. Whiskey Richard and the Buster Hyman Band. The blackened punk metal of Everything Went Black back-to-back with the funky swagger of Hazard To Ya Booty? It would be unwise to underestimate the support and kinship found throughout our great city. This weekend's event is sure to bring the freaks, punks, rockers, hippies, and hip-hop heads out in droves. It kind of makes sense right? Bringing different people together through varied genres of music under the umbrella of love for canines. How can you not get behind that?