What's a "Lip Dub"? Ask The Kids of Lawrence High School

Thanks to my colleagues at the Pitch for pointing out this video of students at Lawrence High School in Lawrence, Kansas, performing a school-wide "lip dub" to Kim Wilde's "Kids in America." Now, I didn't know that this type of video -- a group of people lip-synching to a song that's only "dubbed" over in post-production -- actually fit into a specific genre until reading that blogpost, even though I had viewed (and liked) stuff such as the Lady Gaga "Badder Romance" spoof and this Harvey Danger "Flagpole Sitta" clip. But according to Wikipedia, the guy who founded Vimeo created the term "lip dub" in 2006.

Either way, these kids in Lawrence make high school look...rather fun. Heck, this clip resembles any of the epic scenes in any teen movie -- say, the She's All That dance to Fatboy Slim's "Rockafella Skank" or the prom scene in Pretty in Pink. As in The Breakfast Club, every clique in the school seems to coexist in harmony. Clip of Wilde on Top of the Pops after the jump.

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