When Is Stealing Music Okay?

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Photo courtesy of Peter Beste
Photo courtesy of Peter Beste


I would like to advise your readers of something. I used to be a waitress at a nice restaurant in Houston, and I actually witnessed the owner of the restaurant spit in someone's food. I've also seen an employee blow snot into soup and pick up dropped food off the floor and put it onto customers' plates. I heard about this type of stuff going on, but not until I saw it with my own eyes did I understand the scope of the problem.

People have no idea how nasty and unhealthy restaurants can be. Because I do know, I stopped eating out all together. Cops are huge targets. Needy and picky customers can expect a little extra dressing in their dressing.

Likewise, lousy tippers and rude customers almost always get the special-sauce treatment, if you know what I mean. But sometimes a customer can be the nicest, most polite person on earth and still have the misfortune of being targeted or eating food prepared by a cook with open sores on his hand or a prep with a cold who coughed over his meal. Some people who work at restaurants are just mean-spirited jackasses who will lick your food or spit on it strictly for entertainment purposes. If you're going to eat at a restaurant, I suggest dining at one that has an open kitchen. Even if you can't see your food being prepared, others likely will and you'll stand less of a chance having your food contaminated because employees know they're being watched. I also think wearing gloves should be mandated and cameras should be required in all restaurant kitchens and monitors placed where customers can see what's going on.

It won't stop the disgusting acts that occur in restaurants, but it will reduce them.

Helpful Waitress:

Thanks for the tip. You just further provoked me to eat home-cooked meals. I accept all the deterrent measures you listed and will raise you one. Tampering with someone's food is already against the law. How about passing legislation to give a minimum $1,000 reward to whistleblowers and hand out drug dealer style sentences?

If that happened, when restaurant employees encounter a bad customer or they just feel like being foul, imagine how many cooks and waiters will learn to suck it up rather than spit it out.


Dear Willie D:

Until recently, I thought of girls who had one-night stands as sluts. I just got out of a lengthy relationship and hadn't been out in weeks. Being that I was feeling a little doleful, when my friend asked me to meet her at a bar for drinks with a couple of guy friends of hers I jumped at the opportunity. When I arrived, the three of them were already on their second round of drinks and quite loose. The guy who she matched me with was nice-looking, fun and easy to talk to.

During one of my friend's many trips to the bathroom I had become comfortable enough with my new guy friend to exchange numbers. After another round of drinks and cheap food each of us hopped in our cars and went our separate ways. On my way home I got a call from my new guy friend. After a few minutes he said he really liked me and wished the night didn't have to end. I told him I was going home and promptly dispelled any thoughts of sexual adventures.

When I got home I noticed my ex-boyfriend's car in my driveway parked with the lights off and him sitting inside. Not feeling like dealing with the drama, I called my new friend back and told him about my predicament. Long story short, he invited me to his house, we talked, laughed, drink and had sex. I know he likes me because it's been a week and he's called me several times. But I haven't called back because I'm embarrassed about having a sex with a man I only knew for a few hours.

I'm the serious-dating type and I don't see this going anywhere because I know he'll never respect me. Am I overanalyzing the situation?

Serious Dating Type:

Being the kind of person you are, even if your new guy friend were to give you a pass on having no-strings-attached sex with him on the first night you wouldn't forgive yourself. The next time you have sex with someone, take it slow and easy. Get to know the guy first. That way, when it goes down, your mind along with your body will be satisfied with your decision.

Knowing the guy likes you at the minimum you owe him a return call, text message, a smoke signal or something explaining your position. It doesn't have to be long and detailed, just enough to make your point.

One-night stands take place between two people on one-way streets. So that there's no misunderstanding and hurt feelings, in the future if you're going to go down that road make sure the other person knows as for as you're concerned the road leads to a dead end.

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