Will.i.am Preview + Paul Oakenfold News -- B & W Productions Exclusive

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Get your tickets for will.i.am's exclusive DJ set this Saturday at Lure Nightclub.
Get your tickets for will.i.am's exclusive DJ set this Saturday at Lure Nightclub.
If you're planning to check out will.i.am's exclusive DJ set at Lure Nightclub on Saturday, now's the time to get your tickets.

"Every table has been booked for two weeks now. I asked the owners, 'Has this ever happened on any other event?' For New Year's they've done it two or three days out, but they've never been booked two weeks out. We've got a waiting list in case there's a cancellation. I expect it to be slammed. At capacity possibly," says Amin Mohabbat, owner of Brown and White Productions, the company bringing will.i.am to Lure. 

In a phone interview with A to Z, Mohabbat talked about his career as a show producer, will.i.am's upcoming set, and even dropped the bombshell that world-renowned party DJ Paul Oakenfold is returning to St. Louis in November. (More on that after the jump.)

Although the tables are sold out, Mohabbat says they still have about 300 tickets left -- but don't expect those to last much longer.

"He's a great DJ actually, what a lot of people don't know about him, he plays in Ibiza, he's played with David Guetta, and he plays a lot of electro, even dance music fans will be really excited. He's played Electric Baby Carnival, Los Angeles Ultra Music Festival...something else people don't know, all the money that he received from his DJ fee goes to his charity to pay for someone's college tuition," said Mohabbat. "Every table in the club is sold out, there are people that have pre-ordered six bottles of Dom and six bottles of Grey Goose. Just to start out with."

The Black Eyed Peas play at Scottrade Center on Saturday, so there's a chance the Peas will be swinging by Lure to watch their boy incinerate the dance floor. "I'm looking forward to a packed room. I want everyone to have a good time, and hopefully a line out the door," Mohabbat says.

Brown and White started in 2003, throwing raves, but it wasn't long before the rave scene dried up and they made the switch to producing club shows. Brown and White has brought some of the biggest names in dance and electronica to River City -- Tiesto, David Guetta, MSTRKRFT, The Crystal Method. After a good run at Dante's, B&W moved their show headquarters to HOME Nightclub inside Ameristar Casino last year. "It has great sound system, great lighting system, it's probably the best nightclub in the midwest, without a doubt. I think the artists enjoy it, because they don't expect something like that to be in St. Louis. They get surprised when they walk into the room," Mohabbat says.

HOME is where you'll find a late entry into the Best Shows of 2010 list: B&W is bringing back PAUL OAKENFOLD in November, Mohabbat says. Oakenfold hasn't played in St. Louis since Mohabbat brought him to the old Velvet. "I'm excited about him; he hasn't been here in six years. And he's one of the most recognizable names in electronic music, so I'm really excited to have him back."

That's right kids, mark your calendars. Oakenfold. November 18. HOME Nightclub.

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