Win Queensrÿche Tickets

Aug 11, 2011 at 12:40 pm
Win Queensrÿche Tickets
Myriam Santos

Progressive metal mainstay Queensrÿche will be at the Pageant on Tuesday, and we have a pair of tickets just waiting to find a heavy home.

Kelsey Whipple, writing about the band in this week's Critic's Picks, said, "Queensrÿche originally opted for the purely metal umlaut to soften its image: Queensreich comes with some unfortunate neo-Nazi connotations. What resulted was the '80s metal band's entry into a rock canon of epic and grammatically misguided proportions: Motörhead and Mötley Crüe share the German trema."

To win, you must metal-ify a sentence by placing umlauts over select letters. We will interpret this very broadly, so execute that however you wish. More details below.

Please submit your entries in the comments below, and include your email address. We'll close the contest tomorrow afternoon.

Now gö! Metal-umlaut some shit.