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Week of June 7, 2006

DJ Kaos

DJ Kaos was fired from Clear Channel's local hip-hop outpost The Beat (100.3 FM) last August. (For background see "Kaos Theory," published in the April 5 RFT.) But ads promoting his new album, DJ Kaos Presents: Running from the Police, were all over the station last month. On a recent afternoon in front of Vintage Vinyl, Kaos even promoted the disc live on the air with Beat host Dwight Stone. It was all part of a promotional package the ousted DJ says he paid $10,000 for. (Clear Channel did not return a call requesting confirmation of that amount.) "I've asked Dwight to play my music, and they won't, for whatever reason," Kaos says. "But if you spend $10,000 with them, they have to play your ad."

Stone says the reunion was about more than finances. "A lot of us at the station didn't like what was happening before, but it was out of our hands," he says. "There's been some changes that's allowed us to embrace Kaos again."

Such as the February firing of Lee Clear, who was the Beat's general manager during the Kaos brouhaha? Says Stone: "I can't speak on that."

Along with his Freik Mobb/Organized Crime Family recording partners — Blu Streets, Why P, Ammo and Kriss Kringle — Kaos is also promoting his music via videos that double as soft-core porn. Their ode to lesbian love, "HerShe Kiss," features nudity and female oral sex. Another, "Strip Joint," is almost as explicit.

Both videos are available on the Freik Mobb/OCF Web site, monomuzik.net, while Will Uso (who, in addition to his day job directing educational videos, shot the vids) says he's promoted the clips on sex- and hip-hop-themed message boards. (Both were also on YouTube.com before the site's moderators removed "Strip Joint" because of its sexual content.)

NC-17 hip-hop videos are nothing new, but Kaos nonetheless denies that his are a publicity scheme.

"We shot like ten videos, and only two cater to the freaky-type people," he says. "Then we got one for the gangsters. We got ones talking about people who say, 'I'm in love with you.' It's always the graphic ones that are gonna stick out.

"It's a beautiful thing," he adds. "I don't find nothing wrong with females doing what they do." Ben Westhoff

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Ben Westhoff is the author of the books Original Gangstas, Fentanyl, Inc., and Little Brother: Love, Tragedy, and My Search For the Truth.
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