You Should Probably Plan to Smoke a Doobie During Robert Plant’s Set at LouFest

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Robert Plant photo by scannerfm_flickr / Flickr, photo has been adapted from the original version

It’s about time we all show some respect for our elders by lighting up a fat spliff, no?

News broke today that your boy Robert Plant is coming to St. Louis to play LouFest 2018, making this September the perfect opportunity to show your appreciation for a genuine rock god by burning some sacred ganga. The Led Zeppelin legend is one of the headliners this year and he’ll be performing with his long-time band, the Sensational Space Shifters. Trippy.

Judging by the setlists that Our Sir of Golden Ringlets has been dropping lately, a little herbal refreshment might do you right. When he launches the chorus of “What Is and What Should Never Be” do you really want to not be stoned? The song is 4:20 in length, little Rastafari. It's meant to be.

How are you going to feel free during “Going to California” without smoking your stuff? What could possibly be the point of hearing “Babe, I’m Gonna Leave You” without a little green sunshine? And listening to “Whole Lotta Love” without sparking one? That’s criminal behavior in 42 states.

While we’re on the topic of criminal behavior, weed has pretty much been decriminalized in St. Louis (unless you’re black, of course), so in the middle of a large group in a big open field like they have at LouFest, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll get nabbed for some shrubbery.

LouFest had Snoop Dogg as a headliner there last year, and that must have been the stoned-est audience in St. Louis history (not counting any 1970s KSHE event), and everything turned out just fine.

Loufest 2017 was lit - photo by Theo Welling
photo by Theo Welling
Loufest 2017 was lit

And if you get too blazed, you can just nap it out right there. You’re in a park. Just make contact with the Earth and breathe; it will be cool soon enough. Even if you’re still floating when it’s time to peace out, no problem. With the abundance of safe transportation options (your bike, shuttles, an Uber, etc.) you’re sure to get home without any issues.

So roll up, show up with your friends and then pass the pass the dutchie on the left hand side, just like Robert Plant did to Steven Colbert a couple of years ago. It’s what the rock god would want. The man’s name is Plant, after all. One love. Jah bless.

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