Your Guide to FarFetched, the Collective Busting Music Scene Segregation

This week's music feature is the story of the fledgling music collective FarFetched. RFT Music writer Ryan Wasoba describes the group early in his story: "The FarFetched Collective is exactly what its name implies, a once-improbable union of musicians across race, gender and genre lines. To its figurehead Damon Davis, the title means something else. 'I was trying to think of something that would say what's next, what's left field,' Davis says. 'I think it really describes what we're doing, something out of this world. I have a real space obsession, like space travel and futurism. FarFetched is like that. We are the weird, we are the innovators, at least in my mind.'"

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The wheels have been turning for months now, but this weekend FarFetched reaches a milestone with its Brave New World showcase at Plush. Doors open at 3 p.m. and tickets are $10. The lineup, true to the diversity of the collective itself, is a bubbling mess of everything: Electronic, hip-hop, strange folk,'s the complete list of performers:

Franco/Hill Black James SNS Scrub Unifyah Ou Ou Cave of Swords Midwest Avengers Hearskra-Z Adult Fur Soulition Downstereo DJ Mahf Mathias 18andCounting Illphonics

If that all seems a little daunting, FarFetched has assembled a sampler to get you prepared. Listen to it here:

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