Your Guide To Tonight's Chromeo Show

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Your Guide To Tonight's Chromeo Show
Angela Boatwright

Tonight, Chromeo brings the party to the Pageant. Previewing the show in this week's print edition, Christian Schaeffer says, "You need a healthy dose of nostalgia, either real or imagined, to get down with Chromeo. The Montreal-based duo is made up of guitarist/vocalist Dave 1 (David Macklovitch) and keyboardist/beatmaker P-Thugg (Patrick Gemayel), and their love of '80s-derived synth-funk and electro-pop is so retro-minded that the band may as well travel by a uranium-fueled Delorian. Last year's Business Casual continued the band's uptempo, uptown flavor with Dave 1's white-boy soul croon and P-Thugg's manipulation of vintage synths and his ever-present talkbox. Picture a band somewhere between Hall & Oates' blue-eyed soul and Zapp & Roger's mutant funk, and Chromeo starts to make a lot more sense."

The show is at 8 p.m. tonight and tickets are $25 to $30. Check back tomorrow morning for a review and photos from the festivities.

Our sister paper in Denver, Westword, reviewed Chromeo's stop there earlier on this tour. Read an excerpt of staff writer Kelsey Whipple's (yeah, we miss her too) review, as well as the setlist from that show, below.

Two encores down, crunching silver confetti underfoot, the dance party paired off into newly formed couples, random hook-ups perhaps overly inspired by the heart-breakin', baby-makin', pulse-escalatin' grooves of two overtly nerdy dudes from French Canada. It should be noted that at least one woman left the show without the bra she entered with.

Setlist, 10/8/11 1. "Fancy Footwork" 2. "I'm Not Contagious" 3. "Outta Sight" 4. "Tenderoni" 5. "Call Me Up" 6. "Opening Up (Ce Soir On Danse)" 7. "Hot Mess" 8. "Waiting 4 U" 9. "Money For Nothing" (Dire Straits)/"Bonafied Lovin'" 10. "When the Lights Fall" 11. "You're So Gangsta" 12. "Momma's Boy" 13. "Needy Girl" 14. "Night By Night"

Encore one: 15. "You Make It Rough" 16. "Don't Turn the Lights On" 17. "Grow Up"

Encore two: 18. "I Am Somebody" (in memory of DJ Mehdi) 19. "My Girl Is Calling Me (A Liar)"

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