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The Six Best Fakeout Intros

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What better time for a "gotcha moment" (to borrow a Palin-ism) than the very beginning of a song? It takes some guts to change a listener's perception of a track before it is fully formed, but it is eternally memorable when executed well. Here is a list of the six best fakeout intros. Feel free to leave your favorite fakeouts in the comments, but please, keep it real.

6. Beck - "Lord Only Knows"

Lord Only Knows by Beck on Grooveshark "Lord Only Knows" is one of Odelay's standout tracks, a definite contender for best non-single (although "Minus" would probably win that arm-wrestling match). You would not suspect that "Lord Only Knows" is a catchy, warped country tune from its abrasive initial two seconds of power chords and screaming, but it certainly gets you listening.

5. The Fucking Champs - "What's A Little Reign?"

The Fucking Champs - What's a little Reign by The Fucking Champs on Grooveshark The Fucking Champs is a funny band - quite an accomplishment since the group achieves this without the aid of vocals - and the introduction of "What's A Little Reign?" is the trio's best joke. The track starts as if the band is playing in the next room, and the volume swell that leads into the for-real song feels less like a fade-in and more like a CGI enhanced ultra zoom-in from an action film racing scene. It's the sort of thing Andy Kaufman would have done if he played triumphant instrumental math metal.

4. Franz Ferdinand - "Take Me Out" Take Me Out by Franz Ferdinand on Grooveshark Remember the first time you heard "Take Me Out" and thought the much-buzzed Franz Ferdinand's single was going to sound like the Cars? But then it slowed down into a downtempo, filthy disco groove with a drum beat made by robot slaves being whipped in tempo. The worst part of "Take Me Out" is that you can only hear it for the first time once.

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