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Happy Thanksgiving from Internet Sensation (And Rapper?) Nicole Westbrook

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No, I was never worried about that. Probably because I never thought this video would blow up so big. But I really just stayed away from all the negative comments which is -- I think it's really good because I haven't really come in contact with anything negative and so it hasn't made me feel very sad or depressed. I haven't been bullied at school. A lot of people in school are really excited for me, which is so, so great.

Had Patrice warned you about anything like that? He's obviously dealt with this once before. Did anyone give you any advice in case that happened?

Yes. He was so nice and he always checks in on us, asking how our family is doing and how we're taking it. And honestly we're taking it really well and he's just so great. He's always saying you know, 'Don't read the comments,' and I'm really glad he told us that because I haven't, and I'm really just not worried about it.

That sounds like good advice. So what's next for you?

As I mentioned, I did record a rap song too, which was very funny. We're shooting a video for that very soon -- this is going to be really exciting -- probably really soon from now. Maybe around a week or two from now? And that'll be out online maybe in about a month probably. In 2013, in the beginning of 2013.

Do you want to stay in music or is your hope that you'll segue-way into acting? What's your ultimate goal?

Well, I originally moved out here to act and I also love to sing. But really, I just love to act and want to continue acting as well as singing.

So what's your family going to be doing for Thanksgiving? Are you coming back to this area?

We would love to come back to St. Louis but we're not. We're going to come back for Christmas, but I think we're going to go down to San Diego. My mom's side of the family is down there and so we're going to go down there for a few days, and just celebrate Thanksgiving down there.

Do you have any advice for other people, girls or boys your age, who want to do this kind of thing and sort of how to deal with some of the pressure?

I guess just, it doesn't matter if you're from St. Louis or New Jersey or if you're from anywhere really. If you have a dream, to follow it. You never know what could happen, because I never thought that I would have that many hits on YouTube or ever have my own song. And it's really worth it and it's amazing and to keep on chasing your dreams.

Is there anything else you'd like to say?

Nothing more than how much fun it was. Just 'hi' to everyone in St. Louis. I know I miss you guys. And happy Thanksgiving!

Final note: Westbrook says her new song "Smile" should be on iTunes soon and in addition to today's broadcast of Anderson Cooper, watch for a performance on the tech blog Mashable.

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