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The Mayan Apocalypse Plans of Eight St. Louis Musicians

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  • Three days 'til you're toast, according to the Mayan Calendar.

The Mayan Calendar says 2012 is the end: This Friday, December 21, specifically. and John Cusack likely won't be around to save our sorry asses.

While some folks may be hoarding dish soap and cashing in on fear of the Mayan apocalypse, St. Louis musicians are having none of that. We asked local performers how they'd react if the four horsemen appear on Friday, and it's clear that our songsters plan to go out in style. As Ke$ha wisely says, "We're gonna die young."

  • David Torrence

Kenny Snarzyk Fister (bass/vocals)

What would you tell your bandmates seconds before death?

This is probably your fault.

What song would you be listening to?

I'd probably listen to "Surfin' Bird" by The Trashmen until sweet death takes me.

How would you want to go out?

Coked out, doing 100 miles per hour towards the massive explosion while cranking The Trashmen and screaming along to the lyrics until the fallout swallowed me.

  • Courtesy of Theresa Payne

Theresa Payne Solo artist

What would you tell your fans seconds before death?

The one thing I would tell my fans seconds before death is THANK YOU! Hopefully my heartfelt appreciation will help them remember me on the other side and they'll buy my next album of psalms and hymns.

What song would you be listening to?

The song I would want to be listening to or singing is Donny Hathaway's "Someday We'll All Be Free." The lyrics alone remind you that what's on the other side is far greater. My favorite verse is when he sings "Keep on walking tall, hold your head up high /Lay your dreams right up to the sky/Sing your greatest song/And you'll keep, going, going on."

How would you want to go out?

I would cuddle next to my three-year-old daughter and my mother in her bed.

  • Steve Truesdell

Pat Grosch Bug Chaser (frontdude)

What would you tell your bandmates seconds before death?

... and a one, two, one, two, three, four! HYAAH!

What song would you be listening to?

The song would probably depend on the type of carnage. Be it universal and we're all of sudden sucked through space into a super dense singularity, I'd be listening to NEU's "Hallogallo." If the apocalypse is more of an earthly/cultural collapse, I'd be listening to Warhammer 48k's "Ethereal Oracle" in its entirety, preferably heard through the St. Louis City's sirens.

How would you want to go out?

Without a doubt, I need to go out rollerskating at the Skatium, listening to a bunch of my friends' bands and mine own. Andy Lashier would also be there because he was able to find a babysitter at the end of times.

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