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Taylor Swift Red Tour at the Scottrade Center 3/18/13: Review, Photos and Setlist

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Weird costumes? Um, yeah. Taylor had a month's worth of Red-themed Halloween costumes.

  • Black hat, white lace top, black high-waisted shorts, red sequined flats
  • Short red sequined dress, elbow-length red gloves, red heels
  • Floor-length flowy red dress that reveals red high-waisted sequined shorts
  • Red sleeveless top, black belt, white sequined a-line skirt, red ankle boots
  • Black and white striped shirt, red pants, letterman jacket with a red sequined "R."
  • White princess dress with stiff peplums
  • Floor-length black sheer skirt attached to a black romper
  • Sleeveless, Floor-length white Hollywood glamour-style dress
  • Black sleeveless shirt, knee-length white tulle skirt
  • Red sequined tuxedo jacket with long tails, black marching-band front, black hat, black high-waisted shorts

Swift posed an awful lot before and during songs while wearing these costumes. The girl's definitely had some modeling experience.

An interruption by Kanye West? I think you're confusing 2013 with 2009.

Women thinking about their own ex-douchebags during every song? With T-Dawg as our singing therapist, we all learned more about ourselves and our pasts than Valerie Bertinelli in a Lifetime movie. Seated with an acoustic guitar on a small platform near the rear of the arena, Swift described a song request she saw on Facebook from a girl who was "going through a really rough time. I've been through that same thing." Swift shook her head and said, "You know, I think it's really easy not to cheat on someone." After beautifully performing a quiet but powerful "Should've Said No," T.S. smiled at the audience and laughed, "I'm fine. I promise, I'm fine." Most of the females over age 21 nodded knowingly. Some cried.

Any rapping? No, T-Swizzle did not get jiggy wit' it. Dammit.


Choreography for "22?" The moves during Swift's latest single -- and during every song -- were entertaining, and it was clear that TayTay had a solid choreographer and dance team behind her. The high school bit during "22" was pretty adorable, and children throughout the arena gasped when T-Dawg decided to crowdsurf. I was confused by the dancers' 90s attire, though. What was up with the floral sundresses, backwards hats, sleeveless denim shirts and flannels around waists? Are these back in style and I just don't know it because I'm old? AM I OLD?

Ridiculous bangs? In many promotional photos, Swift looks like she's had too much fun with a round brush and a blowdryer (I mean that literally, not suggestively). In person, though, the bangs worked -- especially when her hair was pulled back into a ponytail. Maybe because they've grown out a bit?

Cover songs? She threw the first verse and chorus of the Lumineers' "Ho Hey" into the middle of "Stay, Stay, Stay." It pretty shake-your-ass dance worthy.

High production value? I can't even imagine how much a show like this might cost. The Red tour was a spectacle in every way, from the musical merch trunks in the lobby to the multiple elaborate costumes for about 25 on-stage people, from the multi-stage setup to the pyrotechnics and lights show. For goodness' sake, TayTay flew through the freaking air several times. The overall Swifty concert experience is nearly at U2's level -- and as a 25-show U2 veteran, I don't say that lightly.

Any "real" country music? No, not really. With each album, T-Dawg creeps further and further away from her country roots. Can anyone even name a full-on country song by our girl? The audience wasn't going to hear that stuff anyway, as the Red tour focused on her latest album, with just a few bones thrown to previous hits.

The ending? No, my friend wasn't interested in what T-Swizzle would perform or wear for the grand finale; the non-fan just wanted it all to end, period. End it did, but not with the patented eyeroll he expected from me. I actually was wowed by Swift's spectacle for "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together." We caught an early glimpse of the band geeks-and-Wonderland-on-crack performance during this year's awful Grammys in February, but seeing it all in person was completely jaw dropping.

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