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Taylor Swift Red Tour at the Scottrade Center 3/18/13: Review, Photos and Setlist

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Critic's Notebook:

Opening act: I saw British ginger Ed Sheeran perform one song, and it was boring. The end.

Sign o' the times: TayTay fans plastered the arena with signs displaying undying love for their idol. Many featured 13 (Swift's favorite number), 22 (the latest single from 2012's Red), hearts and plenty of lights.

Swifty Style: Women of all ages sported Taylor's various looks, with sequined EVERYTHING, red dresses, cowboy boots and giant headbands most prevalent. One guy in his 20s wore a copy of Swift's red sequined ringmaster outfit from the "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" section of the show.

Bang on the drum all day: During "Holy Ground," a drumline in red Tron suits flew down from the ceiling, offered TayTay a glowing drum and spaztastically beat the instruments in unison.

Background, my ass: T-Swizzle's backup singers, band and dancers were phenomenal. The entire team was animated, engaging and overachieving. Swift's violin player was especially mesmerizing. This fiery redhead opened "I Knew You Were Trouble" solo, performing while lying on the floor before sprinting over the center bridge, sliding to the edge and doing backbends while still playing. Please clone this woman and install her in all bands.

Feel this: Swift obviously carries a grudge against anyone who complains about her song topics. "Hi! I'm Taylor, and I write lots of songs about my feelings. I'm told that I have lots of feelings," she said before performing "Red."

Pumped-up pop: TayTay's band changed up a few well-known singles, adding groove and oomph to these worn-out hits. "You Belong with Me" turned into a 60s pop number, "Trouble" became an industrial symphony and "Love Story" sounded like something from the weird Edward Scissorhands musical. Oddly enough, it all worked.

Scenic route: Swift's team switched up the set elaborate dressing and costumes after every two or three songs. Themes included '40s paparazzi, a masquarade ball, a steampunk musicbox and more.

TWSS: T-Swizzle had some trouble adjusting her mic stand on the platform at the rear of the arena, exclaiming, "This is soooooo haaaaaard." Naturally, I wrote that down, along with "That's what she said."

Mathlete: Before performing "Sparks Fly," Swift gave the audience a math lesson. "This guitar sounds different because it's a twelve-string. Most guitars have six strings. 6x2=12. I just did that math in my head. You're welcome."

REALLY? #1: A promotional video before the show hawked T-Dawg's American Greetings card line. "Hey there! Want to let your friends know what a great time you're having?"

REALLY? #2: Swift mentioned her recent Academy of Country Music Awards nomination for Entertainer of the Year, following that with "If you wanted to vote on that, since it's completely fan based, I'm not going to stop you."

Buy now: The entire concourse belonged to Swift, with more merch tables, signage, video boards, costume displays and kiosks than I've seen at most shows. Want to smell like Taylor? Buy her perfume! Want to have cute feet? Buy her shoes! Want her to trend on Twitter? She's got a million hashtags for you to use!

Notebook dump: "Taylor = best babysitter ever." "She should be in Grease." "It just hit me that some of these kids are seeing their first concert ever, and they're so happy. It could be worse."


"State of Grace"

"Holy Ground"


"You Belong with Me"

"The Lucky One"


"Stay Stay Stay"

"22 "

"15"/"WhiteHorse"/"I Almost Do"/"Ours"

"Everything Has Changed"

"Begin Again"

"Sparks Fly"

"I Knew You Were Trouble"

"All Too Well"

"Love Story"


"We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together"

  • Allison Babka

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