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The Six Best Anti-Ryan Wasoba Comments in RFT History

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This week, I bid adieu to the Nitpick Six column I have written weekly for nearly two years. I am very grateful to RFT for this platform and to every person who has read any entries -- even those who would have clicked a "dislike" Facebook icon on them if given the option. Let's go out in flames by counting down the best of many anti-Ryan Wasoba comments in RFT. You can add to the discussion below, but I'm not updating this list unless it's something profoundly awesome.

HONORABLE MENTION: "ACDC rools you faget" from The Six Most Uncomfortable Lyrics In Songs Kids Like

The most recent entry in the category refers to unsavory criticisms of AC/DC. What makes this worth mentioning is an earlier entry on said list, in which I discuss the complications that arise from the use of the word "faggot" in Green Day's "American Idiot." And while I am personally prone to a spelling error here and there (my fingers move so fast I can't stop them!), I am amazed that 75 percent of this sentence is incorrect.

6. "You should consider hiring someone who has a clue about music..." from The Six Coolest Members Of Otherwise Uncool Bands

This is not the only open letter RFT received about why I should be fired, but it is the most severe. The writer describes my opinions as inexplicable, bashes my grammar and sentence structure and tries to bring music editor Daniel Hill down with me for allowing such filth to see daylight. With no specific examples, I cannot tell the source of this man's passion. Perhaps he is bummed that I complained about Red Hot Chili Peppers or said that Jon Anderson was the reason Rush fans think Yes fans are nerds. I'm still proud of the latter statement. Please note that I use the pronoun "he" because the writer used the name "patrickdean," and the commenter uses "he or she" for political correctness, although my name is on the byline. In fairness, I have seen one female with the name Ryan in my life, and she was a contestant on a '90s Nickelodeon game show. What are the chances that this dude saw the same episode of Family Double Dare?

5. "Hopefully you go to jail. You suck, Wasoba." from Illegal Download Is Wrong, But I Do It Anyway

This was a difficult article to write, and I chose to approach the topic by admitting I have sinned. In it, I tried to outline the justifications people often use for illegal downloading and essentially dispelled each one in process. It seemed to me an honest angle to open a discussion about music fandom in this digital age, and I was proud of some of the conclusions reached. I was also proud of the first comment this article received, in which the implication is made that how much a person sucks is a factor to the U.S. legal system.

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