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Zimmerman and Trayvon: Until You've Been Racially Profiled Yourself, You Will Never Understand

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Needless to say people assume young black males aren't fearful of interacting with random white males. The assumption is that we are blind to the fact that Jeffrey Dahmer, Charlie Manson, Ed Gein, Ted Bundy, David Berkowitz, John Wayne Gacy and Albert Fish are all white males. All of the above are serial killers that abducted and murdered random people for absolutely nothing. George Zimmerman didn't have to rape or abduct anyone to catch his body. He simply followed an innocent teenager that was heading home and killed him.

I watched the anonymous Juror B-37 speak on CNN and it angered me. She blatantly used language that showcased a cultural and racial divide between herself and the victim. It's completely ignorant to say that race had nothing to do with the verdict. The way she described Rachel Jeantel as a "poor uneducated black girl that was afraid to talk in front of us" was simply offensive.This girl is 19 years old and was thrown face first onto the biggest stage of her life. Her friend was murdered while she was on the phone with him. Juror B-37 sounds as if she had a ton of pre-conceived notions about Rachel.

We all know Rachel didn't do a great job on the stand, but we also can clearly listen to B-37's interview and notice she is one breath away from referring to Trayvon and Rachel as "those people." She likely views Rachel as a charity case from the "hood" and is not capable of seeing an ounce of credibility in her testimony. This jury was selected to be a jury of Zimmerman's peers. Lets remember George Zimmerman himself profiled Trayvon Martin as a thug, so it stands to reason that a jury of his peers is likely to do the same exact thing.

Conversely, she spoke of George Zimmerman as if he was a total complete saint. This is the benefit of white privilege working in George Zimmerman's favor. The instant assumption is his life was in danger, despite the fact that he's the only one still alive from this conflict and he's also the only one that had a deadly weapon in his possession. Trayvon Martin's honor never stood a chance in this courtroom because from the start we're dealing with a jury that appears to sympathize with the Zimmermans because they come from the same exact cultural standpoint as him.

Juror B-37 constantly referred to him as "George" in a warm and heartfelt manor. Her son or her husband could easily be Zimmerman. In her culture Zimmerman is a hero because he saw the mysterious hooded person walking down the street and approached them. To B-37 it allegedly doesn't matter if Trayvon was white or black in her mind. From her perspective George Zimmerman was brave enough to investigate this person and approach them. The fact that Trayvon just so happened to be black confirms that George was simply trying to do the right thing in her mind. We all watch the nightly news and see the violent crimes committed by young black males. This is how people like her think, and these are the things they say among each other to justify their ignorant depiction of black males.

To juror B-37, Trayvon could've easily been an actual criminal. It just so happened that this time he wasn't in the process of doing anything wrong. The character of the murder victim was on trial. We see this same exact scenario take place during high-profile rape trials. The victim is put on trial because the jury comes from the same exact cultural background of the perpetrator and they are not capable of understanding the range of guilt involved in the actual crime. They themselves would've possibly done the same exact thing if they were in Zimmerman's shoes. It's okay to follow any random suspicious person, especially if they are a young black male and a string of burglaries recently happened in your neighborhood. Juror B-37 says they thought about the verdict for hours and cried over it for hours afterwards. If justice is served and you truly believe George Zimmerman was saving his life you should feel great, because you kept an innocent man from going to prison. But I believe deep down inside all parties know the responsible thing for Zimmerman to do was to avoid contact with Trayvon Martin and allow the police to handle the situation. Imagine if we all decided to grab our registered guns and follow random people in the name of preventing crime.

The U-City Loop is a high burglary area. Imagine if I looked out the window of a U-City Loop apartment and followed random people standing in front. If I lived in Sanford I'd protest this case by calling the police on any and all random individuals that didn't look like me. I'd then proceed to follow them with a loaded handgun. Seriously, let's reverse this scenario and put a young black male behind a 30-something year old person of a different color, with a loaded gun. If Trayvon Martin would've shot and killed George Zimmerman it wouldn't have mattered if his life was in danger or not. Trayvon would be in prison for second degree murder today. The gun could've been completely registered and legal; it still wouldn't have mattered. Juror B-37 sat on CNN crying "it's so sad that someone lost their life and nothing could be done about it." You were supposed to convict George Zimmerman of manslaughter, at least, and this is what would've been done.

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