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Langen Neubacher Wants You to Spend to Listen

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In today's era where we have Bandcamp and Spotify and can therefore listen to something before we buy it, do you think Spend to Listen members should buy something just because it's from St. Louis even if they listened to an album and didn't like it?

I think that there is so much music here that if you don't like it, there is something else you will like to buy so that you don't need to just go spending money willy-nilly on things that you don't enjoy. I think there's enough different genres and enough really high-quality bands that... No, I don't think you should buy a CD you don't like, just because there will be somebody else that likes that CD and another CD that you like.

Do you think positive reviews are good for artists' self-esteem? Do you worry that it could come across as babying artists?

Both. I mean I think it is babying, but I also think that that's OK at the local level because at the local level, we're all just trying to get established and we're all trying to build our craft up to be the best thing that it possibly can be. And I just don't think that knocking someone down too much is really going to encourage them to build up their craft.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Yes. While I do think our "be nice" rule might make us slightly less professional, I don't think that just because a review is critical it is more honest or of a higher quality. Unless criticism is constructive and intelligent then it doesn't have any more value that a well thought out positive review.


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