10 Worst Places to Drive Black in St. Louis

Jun 1, 2011 at 12:24 pm
So much information; someone should write a book. Oh...wait.
So much information; someone should write a book. Oh...wait.
The Attorney General's office is out with its survey of vehicle stops in Missouri aimed at highlighting and combating racial profiling in the state.

By law, all police departments in Missouri are required to document a driver's race for each vehicle stop they make and report that data annually to the Attorney General. The AG's office then crunches those numbers to arrive at a "disparity index" indicating the likelihood drivers of a given race or ethnic group are stopped based on their proportion of the population age 16 and over in a given community.

Values greater than 1 indicate over-representation and values less that 1 indicate under-representation in traffic stops.

So, which municipalities in greater St. Louis can black drivers expect to be pulled over the most? Here are the top ten based on 2010 figures:

The St. Louis police department, btw, ranked pretty far down the list at No. 59 with a disparity index for black drivers of 1.42.

The worst place in St. Louis to drive if you're Hispanic is Pine Lawn. The north county suburb has a disparity index of 31.61 for Latino drivers. Meanwhile, the ten worst places to drive white in St. Louis all happen to be in north county suburbs, with Uplands Park ranking No. 1 with a disparity index of 25.93 for Caucasian motorists.

You can make your own list by using the Advanced Search option within the Attorney General's database.

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