1,000 People in Missouri Now Dead from COVID-19

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1,000 people across Missouri have died from COVID-19. - Pavel Tcholakov / Flickr
1,000 people across Missouri have died from COVID-19.

As we edge closer to 20,000 COVID-19 cases reported in Missouri, the New York Times is now reporting 1,000 deaths from the virus in our state.

This sad news is accompanied by an uptick in cases across the country, with the CDC reporting 2.3 million total cases (26,643 new) and 120,333 deaths (410 new).

Numbers of cases across the country seem to be growing exponentially, with graphs showing increases in Missouri cases even as our idiot governor Mike Parson buries his head in the sand and ignores Missouri’s sick and dying while still daring to call himself pro-life.

A tweet from Parson yesterday seemed purposefully ignorant, with him saying he has no intention of closing the state (even though the COVID crisis is currently worse than it ever was) and mentioning that we are "NOT currently experiencing a second wave."

Well, no shit, Parson. That's because we're still in the first wave and it's still getting worse by the minute.

A newsletter from Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security released today reported this:

“The following timeline illustrates the COVID-19 pandemic’s trajectory to date:

-Zero cases to 1 million cases: ~100 days
-1 million to 2 million cases: 12 days
-2 million to 3 million cases: 13 days
-3 million to 4 million cases: 12 days
-4 million to 5 million cases: 11 days
-5 million to 6 million cases: 10 days
-6 million to 7 million cases: 8 days
-7 million to 8 million cases: 8 days
-8 million to 9 million cases: 6 days”

But Governor Parson, who is the one person in the entire state with the most power to help keep us safe, refuses to do anything about the situation locally and, in fact, doesn’t seem to give one crap about preserving our lives.

Check out this story from today in the Kansas City Star that includes a quote from a press conference in which KOMU reporter Caroline Dade asked him this:

“Do you feel any personal responsibility for the people who have been infected and don’t recover after you chose to reopen the state?”

Parson replied with this:

“I don’t even know where you come up with that question of personal responsibility as governor of the state of Missouri when you’re talking about a virus. That’s no different than the flu virus or do I feel guilty because we have car accidents and people die every day. No, I don’t feel guilty about that. Each person that gets in that situation, things happen like that in life. They do. … I could say the same thing for the media. Maybe you don’t do a good enough job really telling people the facts. Do you feel responsible for that?”

It seems that we’re on our own here, Missouri. Nobody is going to save us. Wash your hands, wear your masks and remember to vote.

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